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Home Points Standings SSP Rules "The Nuts" Poker Tips



General House Rules



The Game is Texas Holdem'


$6.00 buy In ($5.00 Game pot - $1.00 Main Prize Pot)



Poker chips will be evenly divided between each player.



NO splashing the pot please !



The cards read them selves.


Only one raise allowed per betting round. No one can re-raise a raise)

   However, anyone can go "All In" at ANY time in the game.

Players knocked out can buy back in for $5.00,


Only one buy back allowed per person / per game.



Once a player(s) has been knocked out, he/she


must buy back in before the next hand is delt.

Blinds will increase as the dealer button makes its way around the table. However, for games with many players, the players may elect to increase the blinds every 20 minutes.

During heads-up play, blinds will increase every 5 minutes.

During heads-up play, the players left at the table can Color-Up their chips. Black Chips will be used as the fifth color and will = $2

First Place for each game will be awarded the game pot minus $5.00


Second Place for each game will be awarded $5.00




Rules for Small Stack Poker Main Pot



$1.00 from each players buy-in will be


added to the Main Pot.



Once the Main Pot reaches $125.00, it will be


awarded to the two player with the most points.


     Player with the most points will receive $100.00.


     Player with the second most points will receive $25.00.


     Any money left over will be awarded to the player in third place.



Points are awarded as fallows:




      Showing Up = 15 points/game


      1st Place = 50 points


      2nd Place = 25 points


      Double Knock Out = 20 points


      Triple nock Out = 40 points


      Best Hand of the Night = 20 Points




 Chip Denominations


$.05 $.10 $.25 $1.00 $2.00

  and Small Stack Poker Owned and Maintained by Dave Hughes.