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Poker Tips


"A Smith & Wesson always beats four of a kind."




Some Percentages:


If you have a pocket pair, you'll flop a set about 12% of the time.


If you have A-K, you'll flop at least a pair about 37 % of the time.


If you have two suited cards, you will flop four cards to a flush about 11% of the time.



"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb,

that's where the fruit is"

-Doyle Brunson



"Luck favors the backbone,

not the wish bone"

-Doyle Brunson



Down Card Slang Names


Ace-King  -  The Anna Kournikova


"Looks good but hardly wins"


Queen-Three  -  Gay Waiter




" A Queen with a Trey"




"Even a blind chicken get a kernel,

once in a while......"

-Paul A. ?




More poker tips to come . . . . . .

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