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Well, its official. Shitsville is gone forever. In a bizarre incident worthy of the X-Files, the entire 24 square foot town was ripped from the earth and carried away by giants! 



History of Shitsville, the old N-Scale layout. This 4' x 6' layout was built with Atlas Code 80 rail and was powered by 2 MRC DC power packs.

I like to operate different Rail Roads and rail equipment from the Steam era to present time. For this reason, there is no “official” era or location for the layout. However, it’s buildings and scenery could represent any small town in New England from 1940 to 1990. The primary Rail Roads that operate in Shitsville are Providence & Worcester, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Conrail. New Haven, Guilford, Norfolk & Western, Louisville & Nashville and a few others make an occasional appearance as run through or lease power. Shitsville is often visited by special “East Coast” runs the Super Chief or the California Zephyr. On occasion, New Haven, Baltimore & Ohio or Erie steam engines can be seen hauling freight through Shitsville.





Conrail Roll By


Conrail meets Norfolk Southern






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