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Trip to The Big Apple !!


New York City, New York


March 15, 2009



Time Square

Time Square

7th Ave at Time Square

Time Square Red Stairs

Time Square!

Morgan Stanley at Time Square

Broadway Theater

The Famous Carolines Comedy Club

Broadway sign at Time Square


Lego Statue of Liberty at Toys-R-Us

Chrysler Building at Toys-R-Us

Lego Empire State Building at Toys-R-Us

Dino at Toys-R-Us

Lego Knight at at Toys-R-Us


Ed Sullivan Theater!

Its the Late Show,,, with DAVID LETTERMAN

Joel would be in heaven!!

I Love M&M's ! ! !

Looking down Madison Ave.

Sky Scrapers from Madison Ave.

Chrysler Building

Empire State Building

F. D. N. Y. !

Radio City Music Hall

NBC Studios!

Rockefeller Center

Nice church near Rockefeller Center

Cool Statue near Rockefeller Center

Apple Store

Time Suare







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